Corporate Dinner

Last night, chefs Allan and Jonathan and event manager Alice presented a corporate dinner for an investment firm in Edinburgh. The 22 guests began the evening with a selection of canapes, including Smoked Duck on Wild Rice Pancakes with a Cherry Gel:

And Bresola Moneybags filled with Truffled Cerlariac Remoulade, tied with Chives:

The guests took their seats for dinner, which was a starter of Salmon Terrine with Asparagus and Lemon Dressing:

This was followed by speeches and a question and answer session to discuss the agenda for the evening. During the questions, our waiting staff discretely served a delicious main course of Guinea Fowl with Boudin Blanc, Savoy Cabbage and White Onion Puree with a Light Jus.

Cheese boards were presented after the main, and the lactose intollerant guests were treated to a dessert of Strawberry Jelly with Fresh Strawberries, Mini Meringues and Edible Flowers:

The guests finised the evening with tea and coffee, and the Ginger Snap team cleared up the room ready for a conference the next morning.

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