2018 Highlights

2018 has been another very busy and successful year at Ginger Snap.

At the start of this year, we were joined by James; a former MasterChef professional’s finalist with 25 years of experience.   Using James’ unique approach, Tania and James worked together to revamp the Ginger Snap menus, challenging the boundaries of traditional British cuisine to create delicious, seasonal and exciting food inspired by the beauty and diversity of Scotland’s landscape.

They also turned their attention to making Ginger Snap’s practices more ethical, thinking about where our products are coming from and how they are produced.   We’ve tried to reduce our carbon footprint by lessening our use of airfreighted and imported produce e.g. we stopped using Vietnamese tiger prawns; which are badly farmed, and only use British shellfish.  We have also cut our use of chemicals, choosing to use only fresh truffles, rather than synthetic truffle flavoured oil. In addition, we forage our own fruits; to make chutneys & jams, and herbs; to flavour our dishes, which has reduced our quantity of shop-bought products.

These developments have been well received by our clients and we are delighted with how many have got on board with this approach.

Don’t worry people, we still import chocolate for your puddings… we couldn’t possibly cut that from our menu’s!!!

chocolate mousse

To give you an insight into our year, here are some of the 2018 highlights:

Interactive Pudding Table

On the weekend of the 14thof July, the kitchen was extremely busy preparing for four large events!! One of those was a marquee wedding for 230 guests in East Lothian, where the Bride and Groom entrusted us to create something ‘new and exciting’ for their Wedding Breakfast.  With this in mind, we took the opportunity to design a theatrical, interactive pudding table, which generated a huge buzz and added excitement and fun into the meal.  It was extremely popular and we had a lot of fun creating it; and even more fun executing it! From churros to sherbet there was a bit of everything! DELICIOUS!  (See our Instagram page for video footage!!)

Celebrating the Scottish Sunshine!

Summer BBQ Steak
What better way to celebrate the Scottish sunshine than gorging on a whole bavette steak, cooked beautifully rare, sliced and slathered lovingly in lashings of garlic butter on a wood-fired grill… sounds miles better than burnt sausages and burgers off the bbq to me!  If steak doesn’t take your fancy, fear not, as we also offer fish en pappillote over fennel & onion, served with caper, herb & chilli salsa… who could resist?

bbq fish

This summer, our wood-fired grills travelled far and wide, taking advantage of the best Scottish sunshine for a generation.   Our grills are cooked over Scottish hardwood and charcoal sourced from Aberfeldy in Perthshire.  Aside from the delicious flavours that this creates, it is much better for the environment than using ‘standard’ charcoal from another country, as it comes from 100% British trees from sustainable woodlands.

Moroccan Marquee Party

Wendy Davis

In August, Tania and a team travelled to Fife to run a Moroccan extravaganza. The party was curated wholly by Ginger Snap and designed so that guests felt like they had walked into a traditional souk in Marrakesh; complete with sights and smells, such as flavoured shisha pipes and the finest Moroccan drapes.  Ginger Snap was in charge of everything, from sourcing a marquee and designing it with linens, rugs, lanterns, foliage & furniture, to creating a bespoke menu with the best North African cuisine.  On the menu was a Ginger Snap kebab with slow braised lamb, crispy belly & spiced tomatoes; a delicious fish tagine; Moroccan meatballs served as a canapé; Ginger Snap’s own yoghurt flatbreads, and much, much more!  The party was a roaring success and to quote the client, we “rocked the kazbar”.

Winter Wedding


‘Chestnuts roasting on an open fire’
, Jack Frost was certainly ‘nipping at our nose’.  While ‘Team Tania’ ran a Christmas party in Edinburgh, ‘Team Jess’ travelled to Inchyra Byre to hold a wonderful winter wedding; our last of the year.


Alongside the falling snow, Ginger Snap’s adroit touches; such as the delightful smell of roasting chestnuts and the warming nip of a delicious stirrup cup on arrival helped to stimulate all senses and enhance the overall experience, truly putting us in the festive spirit.


What better day for our beef dish?

And you thought that all we did was cook….

We love a bit of DIY here at Ginger Snap and last winter, we hand-made several new canapé trays to go with our new menus.  We use our canapé trays and bowls to perfectly compliment the food that we are presenting.


This winter we will be busy with more crafting to ensure that we make the coming year’s events extra special for our clients, along with looking after our very own Christmas pudding!!

christmas pudding

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